The inspiration for Life of an Actress The Musical was a documentary I did a few years ago that profiled 11 aspiring actresses, ages 23 – 70. There were common themes revolving around the passion for acting but clearly the views did change depending on the age of the actress. An actress in her 20’s at the beginning of her career sees things very differently than an actress in her 40’s. With the documentary  as the inspiration,  I wrote a fictional musical film about three actresses.


Three young and not so young actress/waitresses share day job duties at a showbiz diner in New York City as they chase their theatrical dreams and battle to preserve their relationships, inspiration and dignity. Their friendships, the diner and its owner are their anchor in a whirl of auditions, near successes and brutal failures. When the diner hits financial headwinds and is about to become fodder in a real estate deal, the stakes rise and long-suppressed tensions and tendernesses come to the surface.


"The Broadway cast are fine singers"
"'I Wish I Was SAG,' an infectious number"
"'Coming Back to You' is playful but fervent and 'Life of an Actress' is bouncey."
"Theatre and cinema come together in Life of an Actress, Paul Chau's new movie about the loves and dreams of three singing waitresses."

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